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In order to ensure customer satisfaction on a timely basis, to organize correct and to provide the most appropriate price, to provide continuous training to our staff, to increase our production quality, to follow the technological developments in our company to adapt to the use of new technology, market share, product quality to be the leader company Is to turn our profitability into new investments by minimizing our costs...

High quality Combi Connection Sets in Kahraman Plastic...

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Kahraman Plastic

Our company was established in 1982. It is currently rendering services to its customers in a closed are of 600 sqm situated within the Ikitelli organized industrial zone.

There are fundamentally two groups in the product range of our company. Within the first group, the equipment of the natural gas pipes, namely the spare parts, PPR-C pipes and stable pipes are manufactured.

Within the second group, covers of every sort of ducts employed in the pharmacology and the cosmetics sector are manufactured. Our company will be very proud to manufacture any sort of cover to be demanded by our esteemed customers.

The fundamental philosophy of our company is to ensure unlimited customer satisfaction through high-quality and assured product manufacturing.

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